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To educate our community about the adverse cumulative effects of invisible wireless Radio Frequency Radiation (RFR) and advocate for safe technology.

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November 2021 SafeTechSBC Update

Hello fellow Santa Barbarans:

2020-2021 goes down in SafeTechSBC’s history as a steep gradient in learning law, science, technology and policy; holding  private meetings  and doing public speaking to both the city and county officials; making public comment at  hearings with architectural review boards, land use committees; doing PowerPoint Presentations to review boards; showing up at Farmers Markets for education and petition signing, letter writing and connecting with the public; meeting every week at night at the end of our regular work days to strategize our next moves and figure out what we must do to best forward our intended outcomes; working weekends; making flyers and distributing them;  personally financing our efforts with the Nation’s top expert lawyer in telecom law and litigation, who is now getting all of our efforts across the finish line. We have worked at the State level and participated in Federal cases, all in the name of Safe and State-Of-The-Art Technology for All. This broad brush stroke highlights our constant efforts to produce a regulatory, protective wireless communications ordinance for the city of Santa Barbara and to begin negotiations for the same with the county.

It is now November 2021. On October 26, SafeTechSBC along with our attorney, in a meeting with the City Ordinance Committee and staff, our combined efforts culminated in a wireless communications ordinance that with  two more requirements, will make it one of the best ordinances in the State. And we need your help to get these two requirements in the ordinance and then we can all in once voice, you and us, say, “We Won!”, David against Goliath and chant,  “We Did It!”.

Thus we ask the City Council to first: CODIFY the Applications Checklist and not leave it a flexible document as it currently is—if telecoms try to take the city to court, and our requirements are codified, telecom will lose. If it is a flexible checklist, the city will lose. No brainer!

Then second: adopt the GateKeeper Provision as suggested by our lawyer to avoid problems with telecom’s “shot clock” and meeting their requirements on timeliness.

If we get these two requirements included in the ordinance, then we can shout, “We saved the city!”

So we ask you to please add your support to these two items.  Your signing this petition will be confirmation of your support, for these two requests as well as all the ones listed in our petition.

We thank your participation, passion and noble support.

Miriam Lindbeck


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Check out the 17 videos below on HOW TO USE TECHNOLOGY SAFELY. Thank you to the wonderful people at Environmental Health Trust for all their amazing work and this YouTube Playlist.


  • Hard Wire your computers
  • Put your phone on airplane mode when not in use
  • Opt out of your smart meters
  • Get a real POTS phone—Plane Old Telephone System Call forward cell phone to Land Line when at home
  • Remember: Distance is your friend, Reduce Use of Wireless by hard-wiring your devices
  • Buy a meter to measure your radio frequency radiation
  • Have your home and property assessed for EMF/RF by a professional Building Biologist

18 awesome #SafeTechTips videos. Thank you, Environmental Health Trust EHT for all your great resources! Visit their website for more in-depth information, educational flyers, studies, news and actions from across the world relating to Radiofrequency Radiation, RFR.

TOWER INSTALLATIONS IN SANTA BARBARA COUNTY – RECOGNIZE ANY OF THEM? Do you have any in your neighborhood? Please be sure to note any health/bio/environmental changes and email us at info@safetechsbc.org.