About Us

Safe Technology for Santa Barbara County is a growing group of dedicated individuals from all walks of life. We are community leaders, long-term business owners, public sector employees, entrepreneurs, activists, holistic practitioners, electromagnetically sensitive canaries, concerned parents and technology professionals.

Currently, over 700 like-minded people have joined our email list and Facebook Group and 2,500 have signed our petitions.

Our Structure

Safe Technology for Santa Barbara County is a California Unincorporated Association with a 501(c)(3) Fiscal Sponsor allowing for tax deductible donations.

Our Board of Directors includes, Miriam Lindbeck, President (Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist and Building Biologist), Sandra Castellino, Secretary/Treasurer, and Board Members, Kimi Vandyk, Kent Epperson and Katie Mickey.

We are grateful for the dedication and might of our small core team and look forward to expanding our community task force to meet the demands of this paramount undertaking.

Our History

Safe Technology for Santa Barbara County is advocating state of the art technology to advance our lives, insure our security and health, and to protect people, wildlife and botanicals from the harmful bio-effects of Wireless Radio Frequency Radiation.

In May of 2019, a small band of alerted Santa Barbara leaders informally met, and forged an unwavering pact to mitigate the unregulated rollout of wireless technology currently taking over our streets, our homes and our skies.

We initially formed under the name of 5G Free Santa Barbara and soon realized that using the telecommunications industry “5G” marketing term compromised the full scope of our mission.

At the time, we had no idea how difficult and significant this endeavor would be. We also had no idea how brilliantly strategic the telecommunications companies have been for the last 25 years. Not only have they lobbied at the State and National levels, at the local level they have instilled the fear of litigation in our elected officials and anchored in them the belief that their “hands are tied.” This has undermined their ability to fulfill their obligation to protect the health and safety of their residents.

Over the last year and a half, we have organized our efforts, information, and task forces into effective compartments to confront this challenge. Addressing science, medicine, legal, local policy, and technology, we continue educating our leader bodies in both public comment and private meetings, including our fire safety departments. This works necessitates that we meet weekly, hold regular and special board meetings and communicate on a daily basis.

SafeTechSBC has joined forces with other organizations across the State and support the work of international attorneys who are committed to this same cause. As part of our public comment and meetings with officials and their staff, we also engage in writing letters, make power point presentations, and host community meetings to further our mission.

What We Are Doing Right Now 

  • On December 1, 2020 we received the draft Regulatory Wireless Communications Ordinance which had not been updated since 2016.  John Doimas, Assistant City Attorney, is now requesting public comment by January 15, 2021 to begin the review process. (Please see media release on our front page with links to the document). SafeTechSBC along with our legal counsel are red-lining our amendments in preparation for our collaborative meeting with the city attorneys. We look forward to developing together the most protective ordinance possible.
  • We are working with the Goleta Planning Commission on a Verizon cell tower application which would place a tower close to homes in a residential neighborhood which is near a nature preserve, where two other cell towers already exist. A scheduled walk through of the potential site will be establishing Reasons for Denial for that particular location, while tasking Verizon to find another location to install their tower, away from that residential area. 
  • On December 1st, we appeared on the agenda with the Montecito Land Use and Development Planning Commission, MLUD, making a formal presentation on the matter of 5G and the new networks. We covered fire hazards, property value loss, aesthetics, surveillance, loss of privacy and health effects. Cell towers are popping up all along highway 192 and “strand mounted” antennas are being installed on utility lines.
  • We are slated for a radio talk show reaching the Hispanic community locally, nationally and internationally.
  • We publish articles in the Montecito Journal, the Independent and soon the El Latino newspaper.
  • We made written and formal public comment  for the Environmental Impact Report for the Community Wildfire Protection Program which is to be completed in March of 2021, and have made public comment in hearings of the Fire Safety Council.
  • Regularly, we give educational public comment at the hearings of City Council, County Board of Supervisors, Architectural Review Board, MLUD and write letters to be placed in the public record.