Letter from the President

Miriam Lindbeck,
Board President of Safe Technology for Santa Barbara County



A Special Message to You

Hello Dear People of SB City and County:

SafeTechSBC has summarized the most critical talking points for you to make your public comments either via email, letters or speaking at the virtual city council hearings. We encourage you to pick whatever priorities you feel most strongly about, and in your own words, make your voice be heard.

City Council will be moved by the quantity and personal quality of your
communications. As a motivated community, the more emails, letters and voices we submit, the more our leaders sit up and listen. There are members of the city council who are concerned about the massive amount of wireless radiation aiming to take over our city and county. The more we push back against this existential threat, and let them know what we want, we will strengthen and support their resolve to make the right decisions to protect our safety and wellbeing, and make it much harder for them to give industry their way.

Industry is persuasive, cunning and non-disclosing of their underlying intentions. They do not reveal all of the uses they are planning with this technology. Using surveillance capitalism as their silent strategy, they will invade our lives and our privacy both indoors and outdoors—all to their multi-level benefits and the benefits of corporations and the government.

That said, our city hired a Wireless Communications Law Firm to craft our now
released draft ordinance who is known to favor industry over people. To this
precarious edge, we must rise up and make a great noise. We must clearly tell
our city and county what we want, march against Big Tech’s grab, and back
industry down tower by tower. We must stay the course together right now, to
establish safe technology for humanity and the environment. In a few short
weeks, we must turn the tide of our future for decades to come.

Not only does SafeTech need you, the council needs you, and you need you. It is
axiomatic: “We are all in this together. We stand at a historical moment: Be heard and be seen or be drowned out.” If we remain silent, we contribute to, over time, the destruction of ourselves and our environment. We, the people, have the power to level this tsunami before it’s too late.

In solidarity,

Miriam Lindbeck
President, SafeTechSBC.org