NEWS-PRESS EXCLUSIVE : Resident plans to sue county

Mike Bender intends to file lawsuit over 5G installment | by Madison Hirneisen | Fri Apr 21, 2021

Mike Bender, a Santa Barbara resident, is intending to sue Santa Barbara County over the installment of a 5G small cell wireless facility in close proximity to his house. Mr. Bender, who has Lyme disease and mast cell activation disorder, said the radio frequencies emitted by the 5G device will exacerbate his condition.

A Santa Barbara resident is intending to file a federal lawsuit against Santa Barbara County in an effort to urge officials to reconsider the placement of a 5G small cell wireless facility in his neighborhood. 

Mike Bender, who lives on Arroyo Road, is voicing opposition to the installation of a 5G wireless facility that would sit less than 45 feet from his home that he says will have harmful effects on his health. 

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The Wild, Wild West of Telecom Acquisition

Does Santa Barbara Want 5,000 Antennas Blanketing the City? | By Katie Mickey | Fri Apr 16, 2021

A new frontier called the public right of way has sprung up in the residential neighborhoods of Santa Barbara. Telecom carriers are lassoing real estate in the public right of way, like the cowboys of yesteryear, taming our local governments with their hypnotic mantra, “Your hands are tied. The FCC has got you strapped and tied to do our bidding!”

The telecoms’ goal is to lay their claim to pole space in the public right of way before their competitors. As stated in Santa Barbara City’s Draft Telecom Ordinance, they have their sights on installing 30-60 towers per square mile per carrier. If you do the math on this equation, that makes roughly 5,000 antennas blanketing our city.

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For the Sake of the Children

A poem by Ron Buckley | April 16, 2021

Once upon a time in a faraway city,
Their telecom ordinance was old, what a pity.

Their attorney said I’ll call my friend,
He knows about telecoms from end to end.

Now his friend smiled with dollar signs dancing in his head,
He saw opportunity to feather his bed.

You see he works for the telecoms too,
No conflict of interest, that’s what lawyers do.

He delivers a draft with the teeth of a snake,
Reflecting its author, oh my goodness’ sake!

The citizens rumble and raise such a clatter,
The council looks blank, wondering what’s the matter?

In the meantime, Crown Castle puts up towers like mad,
“Essential services” and there is money to be had.

This tale is not over, but for the sake of the children, the trees, and the bees,

Somebody do something soon, oh please … oh please … oh please!

Accessories To Treeslaughter

A poem by Ron Buckley | May 11, 2021

The corner of Anacapa and Carrillo, there is a desolate spot…
Where once was a tree, it’s now vacant as an empty parling lot.

You see I spoke to the city forester… asking him why?
He explained the complexity of roots gone array.

First the drought, then some sidewalk work on another day…
Put the poor tree in a in a very fragile way.

Then come along Crown Castle with a backhoe and trucks…
Hired by AT&T who is paying them big bucks.

They trenched for their cables, with no oversight from the city,
Further damaging the tree’s roots, oh dear, what a pity.

It looks like a grave marker, with Crown Castle’s name…
Next to a vacant tree bank, oh my what a shame.

Calling it murder might get me in hot water…
So how about we just call them… accessories to Treeslaughter.