Property Values & Aesthetics

Properties within close proximity to the new, smaller cell towers and up to four houses to each side of a tower, are suffering a devaluation of their property from 20 to 30 percent. Telecom companies are for profit private businesses who are permitted to move into our public rights of way and our residential streets presumably to offer us far better internet service. What is not well known until it’s too late, is many homeowners are suffering a significant loss in their property value. For valid reasons, no new buyer nor really anyone, wants a cell tower in front of or close to their home. Not only are they unsightly, they are electro magnetic, radio frequency equipment and interfere physically and mentally with the quiet enjoyment of our streets. What justification does a private multi-trillion dollar, for-profit venture have to destroy the value of your property and deny the city its due?

Since 2010 more research and published articles are appearing on this significant concern. Safe Technology for Santa Barbara County is not just about safe technology.  It is also committed to all levels of safety including safe and protected private property.

We have provided links to sites and articles below for your own research:

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) long  considers cell towers as “Hazards and Nuisances.”  


Cell Tower Antennas Problematic for Buyers” published in  REALTOR® Magazine:



New York Times: “A Pushback Against Cell Towers” August 2010

The Cost of Convenience: Estimating the Impact of Communication Antennas on Residential Property Values


“Do neighborhood cell towers impact property values?”  Pennsylvania Association of Realtors,

Appraiser: Cell Tower Will Affect Property Values”  New Jersey Patch on T Mobile Cell Tower


As much as the city and county assure telecom is compliant with aesthetics, there is nothing aesthetic about these wireless communication facilities.  They are all ugly and unfitting, and offer no added aesthetic value whatsoever.  Instead, they add clutter to the skyline, interference and damage to beautiful trees and pack our streets with unsightly wooden poles.  In Montecito, residents are beginning to want utility poles installed underground. Just as telecom is rolling out thousands of these towers across the county and hundreds into unincorporated areas, it’s foreseeable a necessary battle to save and retain aesthetics is on the horizon.