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There are thousands of scientific studies, white papers, articles and peer reviewed studies, and approximately 10,000 classified studies on the bioeffects of man-made radio frequency radiation on humans and the environment. The sum total of EMF/RFR clinical studies out numbers the combined studies of lead, asbestos and cigarettes. An established science that since the 1950’s is still expanding, one begins to feel engulfed in the enormity of the data of these independent studies. When Industry argues there’s no proof of harms from radio frequency radiation, it becomes evident they are in deliberate denial.

We have compiled a short list of references and studies for your research and perusal, and hope that you find the information riveting and awakening, as it has been and continues to be, for SafeTechSBC and countless others across the world. The number of aware people who now realize the danger to our lives from continuous, ubitquitous radio frequency radiation exposure is mounting into the billions.

Numerous recent scientific publications have shown that EMF affects living organisms at levels well below most international and national guidelines. Effects include increased cancer risk, cellular stress, increase in harmful free radicals, genetic damages, structural and functional changes of the reproductive system, learning and memory deficits, neurological disorders, and negative impacts on general well-being in humans. Damage goes well beyond the human race, as there is growing evidence of harmful effects to both plant and animal life.  

The good news however, is that there is a significant amount that we can do to avoid EMF/RFRE, to reduce our exposure, and protect ourselves while still using state-of-the-art technology. It is to this end that SafeTechSBC dedicates it days and nights so that all of us can still have our technology, our robust well being and a thriving environment, all at once.

We list a few references here to get you started in your own research. If you have not looked into this before, this will introduce you to a world of information.

The Bioinitiative Report: This is a large collective of various peer reviewed studies:


Below are abstracts of the National Toxicology Program and the report of 1971 on microwave radiation from the US Navy:



The WHO recently renamed EHS/EMS to “Idiopathic Environmental Intolerance”. Physicians working with patients who are ill from radio frequency over-exposure agree with the moniker. Since myriad systems in the body are impacted from RFRE, there is no one “cause” that can be identified. RFRE is definitely causitive as it impacts all physiological systems at once.

The effects of RFRE on biology is first exacerbation of pre-existing  conditions, and next its cumulative effects are causal for many of the  symptoms listed below. There are also immediate biological effects which  may not show up as health effects until the body finally can no longer  attenuate the continuous assault over time of pulsed, modulated radio  frequency radiation. We all have multiple inside sources of this radiation  originating from our personal devices in our homes and offices, our cars,  and we are surrounded by radiation outdoors from our neighbors homes,  cell towers and antennas. If we are in a group or a crowd, we are  additionally exposed from people’s mobile wireless devices.  

There are well over 25,000 peer reviewed studies, white papers and  published articles on what the U.S. Navy dubbed “Microwave Illness”.  There are at least 10,000 classified papers which are Supreme Court  Admissible proving the harms of radio frequency radiation.  

You may be EHS/EMS yourself, or know someone who is. Older statistics  stated over 13,000 million in the US are extremely impacted, 5-8 percent  have symptoms while 50% of the population overall is effected. The  science shows all persons are effected in ways that are undetectable at  the moment. This is at the biological level before it becomes a health  problem.  

On the Children’s Health Defense website, httpss://, you will find impacts relating to children that  should alarm every parent, teacher and family physician. 

It certainly has the Scientist, Building Biologist, Integrative Environmental  Health Physician and thousands of activist groups around the world  extremely alarmed and taking serious action to roll this deadly radiation  back.  

Technology can be state of the art and safe and it should be. Since it is  not, we are killing ourselves, our children, our animals and the planet,  more each day with our use and fascination of a radiation technology and  its devices that continue to keep us uninformed of its harmful side.  

We are changing that.  

Cumulative  Results from longer term exposure.  

  • Sleep disorders—getting to sleep, staying asleep, waking unrested depression 
  • anxiety  
  • agitation 
  • confusion  
  • brain fog  
  • dizziness  
  • nausea  
  • fatigue 
  • irritability/bursts of anger  
  • disorientation-getting lost 
  • forgetfulness-immediate memory  
  • increased noise sensitivity  
  • heaviness in body/limbs 
  • slowed circulation 
  • low oxygen and low uptake  
  • dehydration   
  • micro-biome disruption 
  • gut dysbiosis
  • bacterial imbalance 
  • over growth of bacteria, fungus 
  • Increased toxicity
  • thyroid malfunction
  • weight loss  
  • weight gain 
  • metabolic syndrome  
  • diabetes 
  • low Vit D & A  
  • low magnesium 
  • headaches, migraines 
  • jumpy, restless legs in bed 
  • dry, browned, “toasted” skin  
  • radiation burn on face, “screen dermatitis”  
  • thinning, lined, peeling nails 
  • loss of “moons” in fingers and toes  
  • nose bleeds 
  • cataracts 
  • visual disturbances  
  • toothaches 
  • teen bedwetting 
  • difficulty concentrating  
  • loss of focus 
  • loss of verbal articulation, loss of words  
  • loss of retention and comprehension  
  • ringing in the ears 
  • pressure in ears  
  • loss of equilibrium  
  • falling over 
  • loss of coordination  
  • sudden hand spasms  
  • chronic inflammation 
  • joint pain, arthritis  
  • swelling 
  • muscle/joint stiffness 
  • muscular tightness  
  • wry and painful neck  
  • lymphedema 
  • increase in brain gliomas from long term cell phone usage close to  head  
  • Increase of Schwanomas of the heart 
  • arrhythmia 
  • heart palpitations 


  • DNA double strand breakage—Genotoxicity 
  • VGCC-Voltage Gated Calcium Channels locked open causing an  accelerated calcium cellular uptake—it causes an excitatory  state of the cells (anxiety)  
  • Oxidative Stress—increase in ROS—Reactive Oxygen Species  increased free radical activity 
  • changes in antioxidant enzymes  
  • Increased Nitrogen 
  • Cell membrane interference 
  • increase in tumorigenesis (gliomas) in  
  • heavy cell phone users  
  • Broken Blood Brain Barrier—Leaky BBB  
  • Red Blood Cell Clumping 
  • Hormonal malfunction 
  • Loss of thyroid function  
  • Chromosomal breakage  
  • Melatonin Loss 
  • Mitochondrial/ATP production interference  
  • Cell Aging 
  • Slowed Detoxification  
  • Healthy Bacterial  
  • Destruction 
  • Impaired Immunity 

PENETRATION of Radio Frequencies and the Millimeter Wave 

5G’s millimeter wave penetration is shallow. They will enter the eyes first and  then the skin. The spherical sweat glands in our skin, of which there are  millions, act as antennas and drive the frequencies deeper into the body. 

Prior wireless generations, which will also be a part of the new networks,  penetrate the skull when a wireless device is held close to the head, such as a  cell phone, and continued use puts the user at risk of brain damage. Children  are 10 times more vulnerable to radio frequency waves, and should never be  close to any wireless devices. The Radio Frequency Radiation up to and  including 4G, and now 4.1G, penetrates the body and can often travel all the  way through. Though we can act at times as a blocker to those frequencies,  we can also conduct them as “transceivers” while the radiation moves through  our tissues.

NB: This page is a work in progress. More information is coming soon.