Surveillance & Invasion of Privacy

Scott McCollough, Attorney, specializing in Administrative Law in Telecommunications/FCC cases,(McCullough Law Firm, PC, TX, exposes the Telecoms non-disclosed, intended use of live streaming videos.  Live streaming is not just the carrot it offers of faster download speeds for our convenience, it is a vast and invasive deployment of surveillance for the capturing and sale of our private information to corporate and government interests. 

In McCullough’s words:

“Wireless technology discourse is chock-full of mind-numbing engineering and legal alphabet for most people. The communications industry’s marketing hype leverages the public’s general incomprehension to distract and confuse. Industry wants to wow the public about whiz-bang features and functions everyone will supposedly want. But this is industry puffery. Most people will not need the advanced 5G-provided features and functions, especially if they have fiber-based wired Internet at home.

What industry does not tell the public is that – at least in the beginning – the 5G business case centers on “corporate” and government, and depends on models that give rise to significant individual privacy concerns. For example (industry talks about) “streaming video” but somehow omits that a very large amount of that will be surveillance video from wireless cameras in public areas that silently capture every move and record faces and license plates for future identification. The network will also have advanced capabilities that precisely identify and record the location of every user device (including privately-owned IoT devices in refrigerators and children’s toys), and capture immense amounts of “transactional” data (and sometimes even content) from each device. All this personal information will be available for correlation, identification and sale to third parties, including the government. 5G will lead to more intrusive tracking and private data exploitation by large and mostly-unseen companies and the government. The early money for 5G will come from surveillance and the sale of people’s private information, not revenue earned from voice, texts or push-to-talk capability.” (Emphasis added)

If we think about the IoT for one minute, we will quickly see that utterly every single item in our life will be radiating radio waves through every inch of our lives, reading and collating our information and uplinking it to data centers.  All of us literally will be converted into data bases for the benefit of the Industrial Complex.  

The applications of Artificial Intelligence, brilliant as some of them are, also present threats to the sustainability of the human as a species.  We have good reason to be vigilant on the use of AI, to assure that we maintain control over it vs it maintaining control over us.

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