Take Action

Here are some ways you can get involved to help reduce our exposure to RF microwave radiation.

  • Get educated. See our website links and references.
  • Write letters to both the Santa Barbara (SB) City Council and/or the SB County Board of Supervisors, to put into the public record and say that we want maximum protections in our SB City and County Telecom Ordinances. See the TAKE ACTION subpages for how to make public comments and for a list of suggested comments.  
  • Write letters to the editor and send them to our local newspapers.
  • Educate family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, etc. This is our window of opportunity to make a difference to stop the densification of small cell wireless facilities in the City of Santa Barbara and in Santa Barbara County.  Invite other people to write and send letters, also.
  • Visit our SafeTechSBC table or volunteer with us at Farmer’s Market to educate others, gather letters for the city attorney and city council and other actions.  
  • Make public comment at meetings with SB City Council, SB County Board of Supervisors, Planning Departments, Planning Commissions, Architectural Review Boards, Zoning and Land Use Committees.  
  • Call the planning departments and ask for applications and permits of pending and existing and cell towers and cell antennas. Also request to be added to their email notification list for new cell tower installations and all related activities.
  • Talk to local neighborhood associations, school superintendents, school boards and PTA’s.

Don’t forget:

  • Support SafeTechSBC’s legal representation of our City and County, outreach campaigns and expenses with a tax deductible Donation.
  • Email us at info@safetechsbc.org with questions and to request a zoom link to attend our weekly Wednesday meetings.
  • Fill out the form below if you would like to get involved to help protect your home and/or business or assist in other actions throughout the County, like tabling at the Farmer’s Market near you.
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