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ACTION STEPS BELOW – Please send an important message to your California State Senators, Assembly Members, email lists and social media ASAP.

Here’s a generic sample or template letter that you can send to California State Senators and Assembly Members  and your email lists 
(Personalize it as you wish):

Please vote no on SB-556, regarding, Street light poles, traffic signal poles, utility poles, and support structures: attachments.  Unnecessary, overpowered cell towers are being installed all over California within very close proximity to our homes, often without any notification to occupants and without proof of a significant gap in service. We need more local authority over cell towers, not less.  This bill is giving another free pass to the telecom industry at the expense of our property values, fire risks, carbon footprint, health, safety, and the quiet enjoyment of our streets. Wired broadband, which is faster, more reliable, and more secure, NOT wireless broadband, should be accessible and affordable to everyone in their homes, schools and businesses. We advocate for Fiber to the Premises, aka cable, aka wired internet or wired broadband.  It is only in the interest of the billion dollar wireless industry to deploy wireless facilities on utility poles, street light poles, and traffic signal poles. Radio frequency microwave radiation has been proven harmful to humans, plants, animals and the environment.  Please vote no on SB-556. Thank you.

To read SB-556:

If you live in Santa Barbara/ Ventura area contact Monique Limon and Steve Bennett.

Contact Senator Monique Limón, representing California Senate District 19.

Contact Steve Bennett, Assembly Member representing California District 37.

Thank you to for putting this together. Go to their home page and scroll down for more info and flyers or click the links to download. SafeTech4SantaRosa has great information on their site too. We are proud to work as a team and share our discoveries, actions and successes with others all across the State, Country and World who care about Safe Technology.

We recently learned about two pro-Telecom bills that have been introduced into the California State Legislature that could use your opposition. They are AB-537 and SB-556. Both these bills are Telecom’s attempt to remove local control and further force their wireless build-out. 

Please read below for more detailed information on each of these bills and how to take specific action for each one, taking points included! You can also find two fliers below with more information, feel free to share these with others!  Thank you for taking the time to help make a difference in our community.


This bill, introduced in the State Assembly, would force city and county governments to follow the FCC mandates for “time periods and procedures” with regard to rapid deployment of wireless transmission facilities. It also removes Wireless Technology from municipal control, claiming that instead it is “a matter of statewide concern.”

Action steps:

Note: It’s probably too late to contact the Committee that will be hearing the bill this Wednesday, April 14th, but it’s still worth a shot (see below):

  • BEFORE APRIL 8TH: Please register your comments in the Assembly Committee on Local Government when they discuss AB-537. The bill is going to be heard in on April 14th. (You can address your comments to the Chair and Vice Chair of the Committee-see link.) Position letter submission is Thurs., April 8th at noon.

Talking points for AB-537

  • Keep wireless infrastructure under local control.
  • AB-537 will remove the essential role cities play in governing their streets and antenna placement by removing the word “municipal” with regard to wireless infrasctructure from the state constitution.
  • Mention Municipal Internet Utility Services and fiber to the premises as the best way to end the digital divide, as it’s fastest, safest, more secure, easier to upgrade, and more reliable in wind, weather, and with multiple users.
  • AB-537 specifies that it does not apply to fire department facilities. Ask why! (See AB-537 flyer)

    (Note about submitting comments (positions) through the Ca gov. portals: Sign in to create an account with a password. Then you have access to all bills, text, status, and can sign up for notifications and attach your files. You will need to have your comment (“position”) typed in a file for attachment.)


Introduced into the CA Senate, this bill that would basically give Telecom uncontrolled access to any street light, traffic signal, utility pole or support structure. Please see the flyer to learn more about SB-556. This is a redo of a bill (SB-649) that passed both houses in CA but was vetoed on Oct. 15, 2017 by Governor Brown. We need to defeat this again! Committee hearing comments deadline is Wednesday, April 14th at noon. See attached flyer.

Action steps:

  1. Contact your state senator and ask him or her to vote NO on SB-556 when it comes for a vote. Get your Senator’s contact info:
  2. Contact your local government (City or Town Council) and ask them to support the League of California Cities’ opposition.

    Here’s the link to the League of California’s Cities opposition:
  3. BEFORE APRIL 14TH, send comment to Committee: The bill is going to be heard in the Senate Energy, Utilities and Communications Committee on: April 19POSITION LETTER SUBMISSION DEADLINE FOR HEARINGS is Wednesday, April 14 at NOON. Send comments through the legislative position letter portal.

    (Note about submitting comments (positions) through the Ca gov. portals: Sign in to create an account with a password. Then you have access to all bills, text, status, and can sign up for notifications and attach your files. You will need to have your comment (“position”) typed in a file for attachment.)

Talking Points for SB-556:

  • SB-556 removes local control on the placement of small cells.
  • It reduces property values.
  • It mandates restrictions on fees local governments can charge for access to their infrastructure.
  • We oppose a state mandated program with regard to the placement of small cells on public right of way structures, including city street lights, traffic signal poles, utility poles, and attachments.
  • We support fiber to and through the premises. It’s faster, safer, more secure, more reliable in wind, weather and with multiple users, and is the best way to eliminate the “digital divide” now and in the future.